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  • Build a luxury villa in ID 600.00π
    • 1st floor: The front layout is the garden; interior includes 1 living room; 1 kitchen (1 extra kitchen, 1 shared WC)
    • 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms with self-contained WC; 1 common room; 1 small playground
    • 3rd floor: The layout includes 1 master bedroom (with 1 common WC); 1 worship room; 1 playground 
  • Get a package to build a house 180.00π
    • 1st floor: Living room, Master bedroom, shared WC.
    • 2nd floor: SHC room, dining room, master bedroom, shared WC.
    • 3rd floor: Worship room, gymnasium, 2 common bedrooms, drying yard, shared WC.
  • Get a package villa house 200.00π

    With a construction area of ​​8.82m x 15.1m, the beautiful 3-storey villa is arranged with comfortable functions and feng shui standards including:

    – 1st floor: 20m2 car garage, 23m2 living room, 19m2 dining room, 17.8m2 kitchen, 14.8m2 small bedroom, 6.1m2 shared WC

    – 2nd floor: Master bedroom, SHC room, self-contained bedroom

    – 3rd floor: Worship room, 2 small bedrooms, shared WC, laundry room, drying yard

  • Get a package villa house 650.00π
    • Neoclassical design creates a harmonious whole: Neoclassical architecture always emphasizes symmetry and balance to create a harmonious whole. The column design and delicate details at the doors and windows will ensure balance and harmony.
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